Photo by Md Mahdi

Just keep in mind: the more we value things outside our control, the less control we have.”- Epictetus

In a material influenced society, it’s easy to be caught up in believing we are our stuff. Our cars, clothes, homes, and jobs are all status symbols we walk around wearing on our shoulders like a badge of honor.

Could we live without these things if push really came to shove? Absolutely. Once our basic needs have been met, everything else is a luxury.

If we had to switch careers and learn a new skill, would we be able to survive?

No question.

Humans are the most adaptive species. Yet we choose to cling to the things that we believe define who we are.

The same is true for negative experiences. We carry them around for years and choose to believe the lies we tell ourselves as truth.

In abusive relationships, we tell ourselves it’s going to get better. If our parents, teachers, or bosses told us we’d never amount to anything, we take it personally and believe it to be our destiny.

Even if we know it’s not true, we think it since we’re in a perpetually negative environment. The beauty in it all is that we can let go at any time.

We hold the key to unlocking our destiny. We can liberate ourselves from the baggage that no longer serves us. And the decision to let go can be made right now at this very moment.

Whatever we choose to believe, in fact, becomes a reality. Our subconscious mind is like a video recording app. It picks up whatever your ears hear, and your eyes see.

It cannot distinguish between reality and what’s make-believe. The people who can miraculously create whatever has shown up in their lives know this.

And furthermore, these types of people all have one thing in common: a crystal-clear vision of where they see themselves in the future.

They’ve consistently fed their subconscious mind through vision boards, affirmations, and visualization.

Today, I’m giving you permission to let go.

To let go of bad relationships, addiction, feelings of inadequacy, negative environments, and bad bosses. Also, whatever other lies that someone has told you that no longer serve you, let those go as well.

Today, I’m giving you permission to let go of the material possessions and careers that you’ve clung to as part of your identity.

Will you choose freedom or cling to your past?

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