32 Lessons Learned from 32 Years on Planet Earth

Today I turned 32.

I don’t profess to be sage at 32, but I’ve definitely learned a lesson or two.

One of the beauties of aging is wisdom.

Ask anyone who’s lived for a significant amount of time and they’ll gladly share stories, lessons, and experiences that have shaped their philosophy.

I don’t profess to be an old sage at 32 but I’ve learned a thing or two.

So, today I’m sharing 32 observations, in no particular order, that help me keep life in perspective.

32. Check your EGO at the door — or you’ll constantly find yourself treading water to keep it a float.

31. Everyone’s journey is unique — the quickest way to be miserable is to use someone’s life as a measuring stick for your own.

30. Fall in love — it will teach you selflessness and compassion.

29. Be venerable — we heal by sharing our story. We connect by knowing others are like us.

28. Treat yourself — personal victories and small wins must be celebrated.

27. Take action daily — ship it! As my friend Ian says, “Version done is better than version none.”

26. Party less — there will always be time to party. You can afford to miss a few.

25. Laugh more — if your not smiling daily, you ain’t doing it right!

24. You’re problems aren’t uniquewe’re all soldiers of the same struggle.

23. Turn adversity into adventure — find the lesson in every obstacle that’s put in your path.

22. When in doubt, lean in — do more of the stuff that scares the crap out of you!

21. Let Go sooner — forgive the people who’ve wronged you. Carrying baggage from the past isn’t worth the extra weight.

20. Cut out non-essentials — less Is more. Everything you own takes up mental and physical space. Both are finite.

19. Respect other people’s differences — not everyone will join your religion or share your POV and that’s perfectly OK. Respect their differences anyway.

18. Seek truth — don’t believe everything you hear or see. You have a duty to ask the though questions.

19. Crate more than you consume — write a book, build community outreach group, take up painting. The world needs more creators.

16. Avoid extremes — everything is about balance. Anything in excess becomes its opposite.

15. Collect experiences instead of things — the excitement of “The New” will eventually fade. Experiences last forever.

14. Remember the Golden Rule — treat others how you want to be treated. Everyone, not jus a select few.

13. Pray, meditate and reflect — create 15–20 minutes of space in your day for reflection.

12. Build your tribe — 1,000 true fans are all you really need create something of significance. Jesus started with 12.

11. Build your network — If everything you’ve built disappears overnight, it will be much easier to rebuild or start something new. Your network is invaluable.

12. Keep a gratitude journal — you’ll appreciate life and the things you already have more.

11. Cultivate awareness — be an observer of the things unfolding in your life as they’ll be your greatest teachers.

10. If you can travel, do it — our lack of empathy and cultural understanding as Westerners breeds hatred and bigotry. Both fall away when get outside of our home countries and we discover people half the world over have the same needs and desires as we do.

9. Have a value system — we should all have a set of principles or morals that guide our decision making process.

8. Get your money right — money isn’t the root of all evil, it’s the root of freedom. You’ll always be at someone’s backing call if you don’t master your money.

7. Watch your words — what ever you speak or think becomes reality.

6. Self educate — most real world skills will be acquired outside of classrooms. Read books, invest in your growth and never stop learning new skills.

5. Give more than you take — the good you do in someone’s life today will have a impact decades from now.

4. Protect your dream / purpose — never stop dreaming. Never stop fighting for what you’ve been called to do. Keep searching if you haven’t found it.

2. Don’t do it alone — family, friends, spouses and mentors will help you get through the inevitable rough patches in life.

  1. Take care of yourself — It’s the only YOU you’re going to get.

I don’t give people advice because it removes their choice of freewill, so don’t take this as advice.

Consider them observations from a dude who’s always shout to make sense of this journey we call life.

I once heard someone say, “the trick in life is not to wait until your 90 years old to become wise.” I might not get that long so I figured I figured I’d get an early.

What about you?

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